Kitchen Layouts

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes.  From the u-shaped kitchen, to the galley style kitchen, versatile kitchen design will allow you to achieve pretty much whatever you desire within the space that you have.

Here’s a list of some common kitchen layouts to help you visualise what your kitchen space could look like.

U Shaped

This versatile design can provide a large expanse of both worktop space and storage space.  Suitable for small, medium or large kitchen spaces, the U-shape is comprised of three adjoining walls of cupboard units which can easily be divided into multiple working zones, ie. cooking, prepping, washing.  The closed in design ensures that no traffic runs through the centre of the main kitchen.

L Shaped

This popular layout is great for small to medium sized kitchens, it offers easy and efficient space.  Worktops and cupboards can be adjusted to suit whatever length and it’s a perfect layout if you wish to achieve an open plan kitchen design.

I Shaped

This simple design is a single galley kitchen, a perfect solution for apartments or houses with limited space.  This design keeps all kitchen appliances within easy reach of each other and the single wall of cupboards creates a simplistic look also.

Galley Shaped

This design makes great use of small or even narrow spaces and from a functionality point of view can work great as appliances and counter space are lined up close together. 

Zone Design

This design comprises of separate work stations for cooking, eating and even cleaning, allowing space for several people all at once and this can be achieved through different island designs.  By sectioning off your kitchen into different zones, you’ll maximise efficiency in a larger space and more people will be better accommodated.


Kitchen island units can be incorporated cleverly into u-shaped, l-shaped and L-shaped kitchens if space permits so it’s important to bear this in mind if you want that added functionality and something a little different visually.

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