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The Unexpected Red Theory

Taking the stage in the dynamic world of design, the Unexpected Red Theory is gaining popularity and challenging conventional norms. This theory involves incorporating red elements into home décor where they seemingly don’t belong.

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Exquisite kitchen design with Everfine Installations

A finalist in our Top 10 Real Stories of 2023, Everfine Installations has transformed this space in Eccleston using one of our slab door ranges, Zola Matte, painted in one of our darker hues, Graphite and complemented with copper accents.

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Spring into Colour

Spring is officially here, daffodils are in bloom, skies are blue, and lambs are bleating in the fields. Why not bring spring into your kitchen by choosing a beautiful pastel shade from our exclusive paint palette? Read on to discover our favourite kitchen colours for spring.

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Back To The Kitchen in Waterlooville

One of the finalists in our Top 10 Real Stories of 2023, Back To The Kitchen, have created a timeless space in this home in Waterlooville, featuring our true inframe range Belgravia, in two of our exclusive paint shades, Light Grey for the wall cabinetry and Parisian Blue for the island.

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Our Top Tips for Spring Organisation

The beginning of Spring is a natural time for a fresh start in your kitchen. Take advantage of the brighter days, Easter holidays and the new burst of energy that comes with seeing the lighter evenings, use this as an opportunity to tackle the clutter in your kitchen.

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Real Kitchen Focus - Brookwood Kitchens

In this blog, we will look at the design choices used by the Johnstons and Brookwood Kitchens to create this amazing space, which secured the top spot in the Kitchen Stori Top 10 Stories of 2023 Campaign!

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Efficiently design your ideal kitchen with Kitchen Ergonomics

One of our Top 10 Real Stories of 2023 finalists, Kitchen Ergonomics have used our Aldana range, one of our bestselling shaker styles to create a showstopping design in Mr & Mrs Butt’s newly extended property in Hertfordshire.

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One Colour, Six Styles: Heritage Green

A timeless colour, Heritage Green can be used on its own for a captivating look or it can be paired with warm, delicate shades such as Porcelain or Mussel to create lighter, inviting spaces. Have Heritage Green your way, transforming this rich tone to reflect your style and personality. Check out our favourite stylings.

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Designing Dreams with Duo Kitchens & Bathrooms

A finalist in our Top 10 Real Stories of 2023 campaign, Duo Kitchens & Bathrooms created a modern masterpiece. Seamlessly designed to match the architectural style of this home, this kitchen has been created using our Zola Soft-Matte range, a sleek slab door in contrasting colours of Indigo and Light Grey.

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Designed & Delivered in Durham - Broomside Design

One of the finalists in our Top 10 Real Stories of 2023 campaign, Broomside Design effortlessly combined classic design with modern styling in their winning entry. Created in Durham, this Belgravia inframe kitchen has been expertly paired with a modern slab door from the Aurora range by our sister brand, Novelle.

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Top 10 Valentine’s Day at Home Ideas

It's nearly that time again, when we celebrate the love present in our lives! Show your partner how special they are without breaking the bank, here are our Top 10 Valentine’s Day at home ideas.

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