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4th August 2016 | Inspiring Interiors

Sourcing flooring is an important choice for any home when you consider the daily wear and tear it’s subject to so it’s important to bear in mind your lifestyle and how many live in the home also when making your choice. 

Charming Wood

Full of charm and hearteningly warm to walk on, wooden flooring isn’t just a perfect choice for the traditional home.  The variety in the types of woods, finishes, grains and even different widths of floor panels also makes it a fitting choice for the more contemporary home too.

Tiles of Distinction

Tiles still remain a popular choice in today’s homes for their practical, hardwearing and easy to clean properties.  Choosing tiles doesn’t necessarily mean the space has to look cold or uninviting though.  They come in all different colours, finishes, shapes and sizes, some even give the effect of wood or other rougher surfaces.  

Cosy Carpets

Today, the choice of carpet available is just mind-blowing!  Pattern, design, colours and even the feel of the material itself all adds to the overall feel of the room.  Carpets remain a hugely popular choice in living rooms and bedrooms, there’s nothing as nice as walking barefoot on a warm, soft surface!  

Quality Vinyls

Vinyl flooring can be a more cost effective and practical choice of flooring and with the quality of today’s vinyls, can you really tell the difference in whether it’s wood or tiles at first glance?

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