How to Make Your Home Office Work Smarter for You

31st August 2021 | General


It goes without saying that that the days of the traditional office commute for a typical 9am – 5pm working day has been well and truly turned on its head.  The post covid world has proved just how productive and efficient people can be working within the confines of their own homes.  As a result, it’s now more fitting than ever to ensure your working environment is up to the job so you can be too!

The Kitchen Stori team have outlined some important elements to consider when shaping a unique workspace suited to your home.

Choosing Your Space

Choosing your ideal space can be dependent on numerous factors.  You might have the luxury of a dedicated room in your home, perhaps a spare room or empty garage you may wish to convert, or if you’re like most homeowners nowadays, space may be at a premium.  You might want to consider setting up a home office in the corner of a bedroom, living room or kitchen, or even underneath your stairs! 

You might work from a laptop and want to have the freedom of moving from room to room or your might have a desktop which you’d prefer to have in one fixed space. Regardless of how you work, you’ll want to ensure that your workstation is practical and comfortable for everyday use.

Think about other elements such as natural lighting, noise levels or potential distractions and even temperature in certain areas of the home. 

Workspace Design - Are You Sitting Comfortably?

On average we spend around 1,730 hours working each year and that’s a lot of sitting! For this reason, investing in functional furniture and adequate seating is an absolute must but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the aesthetics. 

Kitchen Stori offer a stunning range of door designs and accessories which offers you endless options when designing and creating your own office furniture, bespoke to your exact requirements.  Whether it’s ample desktop space you’re after or plenty of cupboard storage for neatly filing your documents, you can opt for a design which can seamlessly integrate with other areas in your home.  Choose from an extensive range of styles and finishes including gloss, smooth matte painted, timber painted or even durable, hard wearing foil material for everyday practicality.  Your office space can look like an extension to other areas beyond the kitchen. Choose from handleless doors and drawers or a slab door design for something really contemporary, or if you’re swaying more towards a classic style to blend with the rest of your home, choose a traditional shaker style door. 

You may wish to create a freestanding piece or go for a fully fitted home office space, whatever your choice, we have a solution to match. Complete the look with some stylish furniture legs and choose from a selection of trendy handle options from chrome to brass and even matte black, the options are endless.  

Whatever you opt for, ensure you make it an absolute priority to have your desk at an adequate height to avoid any discomfort. Depending on the nature of your job and the equipment you use, investing in an ergonomic stand for your laptop can help you position your laptop better so you can reduce screen glare which can lead to eye strain and headaches. Even accessories such as a headset for video calls, a wrist support for typing and a back support for your chair can all help make the difference when it comes to a comfortable sitting position. The other benefit of having office furniture is that it will allow you to separate work life from home life.

The Power of Colour


Colours that surround us during our working day can affect us, our performance and even our mood and generally they can make or break any space so choosing the right interior and colour scheme is equally as important.

This can apply to your wall colourings and even your office furniture. Kitchen Stori offer an extensive colour palette in their range of painted timber and smooth painted door styles and if you really wish to push the boundaries and add some real personality to your working space, you can pick any shade you like through the Kitchen Stori Colour Match Service.   

Warm tones like reds, oranges and yellows can energise, cooler blue tones can encourage creativity and stability and green shades can provide a sense of balance and recovery.

Cabinetry in greens and blues is currently a hot interior trend particularly in the world of kitchens, and this can be carried right through to your own home office haven.  Shades such as Deep Forest and Heritage Green can provide a rich and inviting environment and deep inky blues such as Indigo and Slate Blue are stunning yet practical choices also.

Plant Life

In addition to being a stylish, interior accessory, plants have been scientifically proven to increase productivity and it’s no surprise as they’re symbolic of growth and nurturing.  Plants also come with a wealth of physical and mental health benefits; they promote healthier air quality, a particular benefit for asthma sufferers and they have also been found to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

For some home office inspiration, browse our Kitchen Stori website or give us a follow on Instagram @Kitchen_Stori to see how our kitchen ranges can be used to create office spaces and other pieces of complementary furniture.

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