Let’s Talk Recipes - Cheese on Toast

3rd March 2020 | General

Feel inspired with our collection of fond food memories! All about indulgence, perfection and proper home cooking, the our ‘Lets talk recipes’ cookbook feature delivers on that promise!


Robert North - "Sean and I are the epitome of the ‘Professional man on the go’. We strive for perfection day and daily and the fire never dampens. In order to maintain this level of productivity, the working man needs sustenance. Cheese on toast is that sustenance. It’s the fuel that keeps our boat going so fast, the seed that becomes the loaf that we slice every day, the secret sauce of our success...cheese on toast is life!"
Onwards and Upwards. #noiinteam #but2tsintoast





  • 4 slices of white bread
  • real butter
  • mature cheddar
  • tomato
  • basil


  1. First you need to get 4 slices of Pat’s Pan white bread. No other bread will cut it.
  2. Insert the bread into the toaster (specifically at ‘notch 4’) to gain the finest calibre of toastiness.
  3. Wait for the exciting ‘pop’ from the toaster, which is the perfect indication that your toast is now toasted.
  4. Butter those bad boys. Must be real butter. Flora does not exist in our world.
  5. Add some cheese. Not just any cheese, you want the maturest of the cheddar, ideally from the picturesque hills of Coleraine.
  6. Here comes the microwave. Let that cheesy toast do its merry dance in there for 15-20 secs. Perfect.
  7. Add a little salt and pepper to season. Never forget the basil and tomato garnish to finish. A professional guy needs a tasty snack to go, but he is not a savage!



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