Modern Minimalism: Gloss vs. Matt – Which finish is right for you?

18th October 2022 | All About Kitchens

Planning your new ultra-modern living space? Slab door styles are the obvious choice for any contemporary look with their clean lines and minimalist design. Whether your finish preference is gloss, or towards the ever-growing trend for matte, we have two distinct door styles that can offer you a seamless look in various finishes, Strada and Zola, with a 5-year guarantee as standard. 

Left to right: Zola Matte, Zola Gloss, Strada Matte, Strada Gloss


Strada Matte, Porcelain 


Our Strada range features a smooth slab door with an integrated J handle and is available in a Gloss or Matte finish in the following colour options: 

Strada Gloss 

Strada Matte


Zola Gloss, Porcelain 

Our Zola range features a smooth slab door available in a gloss, matte and soft-matte finish.  Zola’s Matte painted range; offers endless colour options, choose a shade from our on-trend standard palette shown below or avail of our Colour Match Service to match any RAL (European Standard) or BS (British Standard) colour reference. The Zola Soft-matte range is wrapped in a Matte PET foil, resulting in a highly durable kitchen that can withstand daily wear and tear, even in the busiest of households.  Choose from 7 trendy shades ranging from muted tones to richer shades. The Zola range comes in the following colour options: 

Zola Gloss 

Zola Matte 

Zola Soft Matte 

For finishing touches these doors can be paired with statement handles, a “push to open” door mechanism, or a handleless rail for a true handleless linear design. 

Gloss or Matte

Zola Soft Matte, Cashmere & White  

Once you’ve chosen your door style, you need to settle on your finish. If you don’t have an immediate preference for a Gloss or Matte finish, consider what finish will provide you with ultimate practicality to suit your living space and lifestyle needs. 
Gloss makes the ultimate contemporary style statement and it’s easy to see why. The mirror-like finish reflects light, making rooms look brighter and larger which is ideal for balancing smaller spaces.  

Our gloss doors are finished in a high gloss polyurethane, which is CATAS certified, meaning it’s passed stringent tests for durability, so it can easily endure everyday life. The surface is effortlessly cleaned with a soft damp lint-free cloth to remove any inevitable spillages that might happen. For tougher stains add some mild detergent to the process and some elbow grease to restore the high gloss finish. 
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Matte on the other hand has been soaring in popularity over the last few years, the subdued finish offers sleek sophistication in any setting. In contrast to Gloss it absorbs the light rather than reflecting it, this results in an even colour as a change in room lighting won’t affect the door’s overall shade. In smaller rooms lighter Matte colours work best to maintain a sense of space and brightness. 
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Add Contrast

Whether it’s Strada or Zola, or Gloss or Matte you opt for, why not create the ultimate statement by mixing and matching colours and  finishes, or pairing them with some of our other accent door ranges such as Tavola, Rezana or Ferro to create some textural contrast. Book a free design appointment with one of our independent retailers to create your dream living space. 

More Handleless Styles

Want to view handleless ranges in a more classic style? Why not check out some shaker style options - Clifden or Harborne which features an integrated handle. 

Product information is correct as of October 2022. 

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