Top Tips for Designing Your Kitchen

28th October 2020 | All About Kitchens

1. List Out the Pain Points!

In order to ensure you address the problem areas of your existing layout, make a list of things you want to change in your new kitchen design and ask yourself why. Do you lack storage? Is the lighting poor? Do you have enough worktop space for food preparation? Before you know it, you will have a wishlist for your new kitchen. Think about how you currently use your space and how you would like to use your space better.


2. Consider Plumbing & Electricity

If you are making any considerable changes to the layout of your kitchen in terms of changes to the position of ovens, fridges or even your sink, think of the bigger picture and be sure to factor in plumbing and electrical requirements too if it requires lighting upgrades when changing the design.


3. Establish a Budget

Be realistic about your budget and upfront with your kitchen designer when it comes to looking at options. This will help establish what options are available to you to ensure you can still achieve your desired look. Alternative finishes, appliances, worktop materials etc can be sought so you do not necessarily have to compromise on the overall style and aesthetics. Do be mindful though that doors and cabinets should be able to withstand the harshest of kitchen environments and should be built to last. 


4. Seek Professional Advice

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the home.It is not just an area for cooking. Depending on design and space, it can potentially be an area to dine, entertain, work and socialise with family and friends. For these reasons therefore, you will want to ensure that your design matches your lifestyle so be sure to enlist the services of a professional kitchen designer. They are best placed to advise on the technical aspect of the project and ensure also that your kitchen is installed correctly.


5. Colour Schemes & Finishing Touches

Now for the fun part!  Take inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram and create a moodboard to piece together the look and feel of how you would like your new kitchen to look.  Whether your style is modern or traditional, consider things like handle styles and finishes, lighting, wall colourings, splashbacks and even flooring.  These finishing touches can really help make your new kitchen pop!


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