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Florence – The shaker with a classic twist

The Florence range forms part of our extensive shaker style door offering here at Kitchen Stori. The door features an internal beading that lines the centre panel, adding a classic twist to this Pinterest style staple.

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Let’s Talk Recipes - Vegetable Soup

Sean Gribbon - "We make this on a Saturday morning during the winter as the boys have football and swimming. They’re home between 12 noon and 1pm so it’s handy to have it already cooked. Being full of vegetables and goodness is an added bonus too!"

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How to Make Your Home Office Work Smarter for You

It goes without saying that that the days of the traditional office commute for a typical 9am – 5pm working day has been well and truly turned on its head.

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Kitchen Stori’s Newest Product Launch Designed to Inspire Life Indoors

Market leading kitchen brand, Kitchen Stori, has launched a stunning choice of new kitchen styles along with a range of trendy paint colours, new design features, a variety of internal solutions and innovative LED lighting options, all designed to inspire life indoors.

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Let’s Talk Recipes - Father & Daughter Cupcakes

Mark McNulty - "Since Ella, my daughter was 5 her and I love to make my cupcakes. It is a recipe given to me by a friend who owns a local café. To this day we still make this recipe, and she is now 13 years old. It is one of those rare times that we put the phones down, turn off the tv, concentrate on one task, have fun, chatting and getting messy turning these ingredients into the tastiest buns."

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Let’s Talk Recipes - Fish Chowder

Gavin Gribbon - "This recipe brings back fond memories from when I was a kid visiting my granny and granda’s house on a Sunday. Granda’s signature dish was Fish Chowder. Always a full house when the Fish Chowder was being served up! Good times."

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Let’s Talk Recipes - Family Curry

Michelle Doyle - "I love this recipe because it is popular with all the family. Normally this recipe comes out for a family get together. Simple and tasty cooking for everyone to enjoy with either rice or chips."

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Top Tips for Designing Your Kitchen

If you are renovating your home, choosing a new kitchen is one of the most exciting rooms to update. It really is the heart of the home and its an important investment too, which is why you’ll want to get it just right! To help, we have put together a brief list of top tips in order to help you design a kitchen which can be both practical and stylish.

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Let’s Talk Recipes - Father’s Day Chocolate Cake

Sara Cotter - "This recipe is absolutely delicious, moist chocolate sponge cake with indulgent chocolate icing. I made this cake with my daughter for my dad on ‘Father’s Day’, linked with a happy memory - this recipe is a must try for all chocolate lovers."

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Let’s Talk Recipes - Lobster In Champagne

Nigel Turner - "This dish brings me back to 2007 when my then girlfriend and I travelled to Riveria Mayo, Mexico on holidays. I had arranged a candlelit dinner on the beach. We ate lobster in champagne, enjoyed the views and then I popped the question! Thankfully she said ‘Yes’. Recently we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary and now have 3 amazing children."

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Let’s Talk Recipes - Chicken Satay

Megan McIntosh - "I train a lot and eat healthy so this dish reminds me of having a takeaway! Being much healthier than a chicken satay from the Chinese, this recipe allows me to indulge in something very tasty when I fancy a treat. I love the nutty taste and texture from the peanut sauce and the combination of all the elements of the dish in a little parcel is simply amazing!"

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