Wild Wonder named Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2023

23rd September 2022 | Latest Trends

Back to nature

Nature is at the centre stage of Dulux Trade’s Colour of the Year 2023 announcement, with a new theme, shade, and four complimentary colour palettes specially curated to celebrate and reflect the wonders of nature.

Heleen van Gent, Head of the Global Aesthetics Center at Dulux says “The earth is the source of everything, bringing us solace, inspiration, and a myriad of blueprints for living. Our 2023 story is about helping you capture the magic of nature and bring it into your home.”

Based on this concept the theme for the year, Seeds of Wonder highlights that a kernel of an idea can become something wonderous, just like a tiny seed can grow into a mighty tree, encapsulating the transformative power of nature. 

Wonderous Versality

At the core of the campaign is Wild Wonder, Dulux trade’s Colour of the Year 2023. A soft gold with green undertones, inspired by the warm tones of harvested crops, it’s upbeat and glowing in tone. Wild Wonder’s versatility is shown by its pairing with four unique colour palettes developed by Dulux, each telling a story about the magic of nature. Today we’ll show you how to replicate each of the four easy-to-use palettes within your own space with Wild Wonder as the wall colour of choice and Kitchen Stori’s colour palette for your doors and cabinetry.  

The Lush Colour Story

The Lush colour story is inspired by the healing tones of nature in gardens, forest floors, and woodlands. To compliment Wild Wonder and provide calm and comfort to your space, pair the barley shade with greens and lilacs, making your home feel like a part of the natural world. We’ve selected Willow, Cardamom, or Lavendar Grey from the bespoke Kitchen Stori paint palette to bring softness to a space.   

The Buzz Colour Story

For a joyful and harmonious colour scheme pair Wild Wonder with hues picked straight from a wildflower field to bring energy to your space. We’ve selected Vintage Pink, Cashmere or Shell which will add harmony to your room.

The Raw Colour Story

Match Wild Wonder with an earthy palette to enrich your space. With a warm backdrop pair tonal or neutral colours for a homely and comfortable space. We’ve selected Taupe, Parched Oak (stain, available in Tavola and Rezana ranges only), or Cashmere. 

The Flow Colour Story

To add balance to a space, opt for subtle seashore tones which will replicate the flowing rhythms and tides of life. To pair, we’ve selected Panty Blue, Light Grey, or Porcelain for furniture shade options. A mix of warm and cool shades brings a sense of equilibrium to create a timeless space.

Dulux have selected a colour that brings their Seeds of Wonder theme to life, capturing the wonder of natural design and how it teaches us to create amazing spaces. Wild Wonder’s colour palettes provide inspiration when designing your new space, but you can always avail of our Colour Match Service if you have a precise hue in mind to pair with Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2023.

Book a design appointment with one of our approved Kitchen Stori Retailers near you to kick off your design process. 

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